Join us at INTA's Business of AI conference in New York¬† - 20-21 March 2024ūüėé
The impact of AI on IP, and how our IP business is responding

INTA Business of AI (New York)
Download AI Jargon (A4)

Session 1: AI Crash Course
We will explore AI’s historical context to get everyone up to speed on the latest developments. We’ll demystify key terminology and lingo, such as machine learning, hallucinations, prompting, generative AI, and large language models using legal, IP and technical examples. We’ll look at tasks that can be enhanced using AI and briefly address the fears and uncertainties felt by many in our profession. Download our Quick Guide to AI JARGON by ChatGPT-4.


This CLE session is on Wed 10 March 1015 - 1115. The speakers are Declan McGonigle, VISUA (Ireland) and Michael Goodyear, NYU School of Law (USA). The moderator is Pete POLLARD (Fireball Patents - NL).

Other sessions:

  • Shaping the Future of Your IP¬†Practice with AI
  • Navigating AI and the Pharmaceutical Product Supply Chain
  • AI Lab: Thinking Outside the Box and Unleashing Your Creativity
  • Race Against the Machine: Keeping Pace with IP Risks in AI Development
  • Tech Transformation: How Law Firms Are Harnessing AI to Serve Clients
  • AI¬†Licensing: Practical Insights for Firms and Businesses
  • The Regulatory Landscape: Legislating AI
  • The Art of Artificial: Creative Agency Insights on the Use of AI
  • Balancing Act: The Ethical Tightrope of AI Deployment
  • Bringing It Together: What the Future with AI Holds¬†