Cost-effective Patent & Design protection

We operate like a startup, providing tailor-made services and keeping overhead low - from a complete drafting & filing service to just reviewing an Application or letter written elsewhere. Our rates are discounted for Startups & SME's.

We are driven to find the most appropriate way to protect your brilliant inventions. Our services are dynamic to meet individual needs at various stages of growth.

We rely on our international network of trusted specialists to provide additional competences as needed. We are continuously learning, providing up-to-date advice on alternatives such as Patents, Designs, Trade Secrets, Trademarks, I-DEPOTS, Utility Models & active monitoring.

Although we love to work with Startups & SME’s, our services can be tailor-made for any size & type of organization.

We provide price quotations before drafting an Application, amending an Application or answering an office action for the Patent Office. We use fixed fees for most formalities work to keep your costs under control.

Download our Flyer

Download our Flyer

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Initial Meeting

This is always free. Invite us to come and see your brilliant inventions and to learn about your ambitions.

Search for Patents & Designs

We provide different levels of searching & analysis, from prior art searches & landscaping to Freedom To Operate.

Doing a free Patent Search
Searching with Google Patents

Draft a Patent Application

Before starting, we provide a quotation so that you know the total cost. We can also include filing at the patent office.

Review your Patent Draft

A patent is a complex legal document where mistakes can be fatal. If you draft it yourself, we can review it.

Dutch Patent

Relatively quick protection in The Netherlands. Provides a good official search report within a few months.

European Patent

Takes a few years of thorough examination, but protects in Germany, France, UK, The Netherlands etc. Direct filings in each country can also be made.

International Patents & Utilty Models (PCT)

One application which may be pursued in up to 152 countries world-wide. You have 2.5 years to decide which ones.

International Patents & Utility Models (Direct Filing)

Using our network of foreign associates, we can arrange direct filings in other countries directly. They will be granted quicker & cheaper than using PCT.

Second Opinion

If you are unhappy about the status of an existing case, we will investigate and let you know what your options are.

EU Design

A Registered Community Design provides protection for the appearance of a product for up to 25 years in all EU states.


To help protect Trade Secrets, online deposits of videos, documents, etc. can be regularly made to prove what was known on a particular date.

Why Startups should be filing i-DEPOT''s

PCT Entry in Europe

For existing PCT patent filings, we amend the claims & formalise the entry into the European (EP) phase for a fixed fee.

Dutch Validation 

For a granted European patent, we translate the claims & formalise the validation in The Netherlands for a fixed fee.

EPO Opposition

If you think a European patent should not have been granted, we can file an opposition within 9 months from grant.

EPO Appeal

If the European Patent Office has rejected your application or opposition, we can advise about what to do.