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  • The only self-editable guide to PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty).
  • Readable on your mobile phone & tablet. It is extensively commented, with many summaries of key issues. The screenshot above is simulated - "See Inside" for examples of actual screenshots.
  • Search full-text, and navigate with hyperlinks & cross-references to internal & external resources.
  • Organisation is chronological, mirroring the lives of PCT applications. 130 subjects include overviews and paragraphs from the most relevant provisions. All PCT Articles & Rules are included at least once.
  • Self-editable online using a browser. Freely adapt the references online with your own comments & highlighting, and hide any unwanted parts. For editing & modifying content, we recommend using a larger screen with a mouse & keyboard.
  • No need to transfer notes - legal updates are automatic without disturbing your individual content.
  • Make printable colour pdf's at any time, or use our Print-On-Demand service for color hardcopies.
  • Crucial for daily practice, essential for the EQE (Qualifying Exam for European Patent Attorneys).
  • Also available as a fully-commented black-and-white paper book. Editing and colour hardcopies are only available to online subscribers.

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