Subsidies & Financing

The Netherlands has many different possibilities at local, regional, national and European level. Because they are continuously changing, always verify this information with the original sources to check the availabilty.

Fireball Patents: Saving money when protecting inventions

Although Patents are the strongest IP-right, they are also the most expensive. This overview shows how you can reduce the costs by considering alternatives.

Sprout: 10 ways the government will finance your Startup or Scaleup

This article gives a short overview (in Dutch) specifically for Startups & Scaleups


North-Brabant: Regional & National Subsidies for SME's

This table gives a short overview (in Dutch) of the possibilities at different stages of growth

12 ways to manage global patent costs

A short article from the WIPO magazine by Quantify IP, giving some tips which can be used by those looking for patent protection in many countries

12 ways to manage global patent costs
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