The Future of IP Law Firms: Networks of Interconnected Professionals

Networks of Interconnected Professionals

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  • Technological & cultural changes are eroding traditional business models and forcing adaptation. But these changes also enable new business models and means of co-operation. Many IP firms are emerging in virtual form to reduce overhead.

  • Virtual IP Firms use a stable network of interconnected attorneys at many national locations, working full time for the same firm. Lower overhead means lower charges for clients and higher profits for IP professionals

  • Virtual IP Networks are the next step ‐ “uber style” global marketplaces for IP services. These are highly interconnected and adaptive networks of attorneys at many international locations. The professionals can decide when & where they work, such as working part time and working for different firms.

  • Members of the panel include: Pete Pollard (Fireball Patents), Zeev Fisher (Pekama) and Cliff Hyra (Symbus Law Group). We will discuss these developments, the advantages to the different forms and how to deal with likely issues, such as conflict of interest, reliability, quality & confidentiality.