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INTA AM 2023 Singapore

INTA AM - Tue 16 - Sat 20 May 2023 - meeting  

Meet old friends, and benefit from INTA's unique meeting & network culture to strengthen your international network. Open to INTA members & non-members. Registration from 11 Jan 2023.
This year, the education sessons focus on the business of IP innovation, exploring the implication for all types of IP - trademarks, designs, copyright, patents, trade secrets.

CTHxx How Blockchain and Smart Contracts are Disrupting IP


INTA AM Thu 18 May 23 Singapore - Blockchain & IP Panel  

Imagine a world where intellectual property (IP) is managed and protected in a completely different way, where creators can easily and securely monetize their work, and where ownership and use of IP assets is transparent and immutable.
Smart contracts allow creators to automate licensing. They can set license terms and receive payment automatically when their IP is used, without the need for intermediaries. Furthermore, blockchain can be used to create decentralized IP systems in which assets are managed and licensed directly by the rights holders. This will change the IP landscape and give rights holders more control over use and distribution.
The use of blockchain and smart contracts in the IP space is still in its early stages, but these technologies will significantly alter IP. They are already in use for copyright registration, domain name registers, artwork provenance and patent pools.
Blockchains are public, immutable ledgers for recording transactions of assets, including payment, based on automatically-executed rules (smart contracts). Behind the scenes, these powerful tools, together with encrypted internet (Web 3.0), are disrupting trademarks, designs, patents, copyright and general law. This is particularly worrying for a profession that is famous for its reluctance to change, especially when newer generations of clients are more comfortable with the inherent risks of not using intermediaries or 3rd-parties..

The CLE session is on Thu 18 May 1015 - 1115. We will look at emerging opportunities, pitfalls, and the skills needed to offer these new services. The speakers & moderator are #1 <tbc>, #2 <tbc>, Pete Pollard (Fireball Patents).