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Presentation and panel on the Future of IP Law Firms

INTA AM - Boston - 19 May 2019

Registration for #INTA2019 opens on 23 Jan. On Sun 19th May, we will host a panel discussion on how interconnected networks will be key to the future of IP firms. Indicate your interest during registration to attend this free Education Session - CSU55 (Sun 2:30 - 3:45pm). We hope to see you in Boston!

For trainee patent attorneys: using the DII exercises to become fit to practice

Using DII to bcome Fit to PracticeEvery year, the EPO hosts a Tutor's Meeting where EQE tutors discuss the last exams with the Examination Committee's who made them. This year, on 18 Oct 2018, Pete Pollard (Fireball Patents) will talk about why the DII part (Legal Opinion) of the D paper should be embraced by trainees, tutors & mentors to prepare trainees for their working life. By developing certain real-life skills, trainees can efficiently develop their own methodology to score enough marks at the exam to pass.

Alternative Patent Licensing

Startups often worry about future conflicts with other patent holders. This guide discusses initiatives to protect groups and members.
Unified Patents is free to join if your turnover is less than $ 20 million.

12 ways to manage global patent costs12 ways to manage global patent costs

A short article from the WIPO magazine by Quantify IP, giving some tips which can be used by those looking for patent protection in many countries.

10 ways the government will finance your Startup or Scaleup (Dutch)

There are a confusing number of programs and arrangements available at local and national level in The Netherlands. Sprout (in Dutch) gives a nice overview. 

North-Brabant: Regional & National Subsidies for SME's

This table gives a short overview (in Dutch) of the possibilities at different stages of growth

Why Startups should be filing i-DEPOT's

Technical startups are very careful about the information they share with others, and with good reason. But it is not practical to keep everything secret. With i-DEPOT's you can control the flow of confidential information, both internally and externally.

Pete Pollard will be an IP mentor at HighTechXL Impact Summit (10 & 11 July 2017) in Eindhoven

HighTechXL Impact Summit

Ways to save money when protecting inventions

Startups: How to Save Money on PatentsStartups: How to Save Money on Patents

At the Annual Meeting in Barcelona, an INTA panel explored how technical startups can save money on patents. They were: Pete Pollard (Fireball Patents, NL), Marieke Westgeest (Markenizer, NL), Hui Wang (Chofn Intellectual Property, China) and Eric D. Morehouse (Kenealy Vaidya, US).

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