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10 ways the government will finance your Startup or Scaleup (Dutch)

There are a confusing number of programs and arrangements available at local and national level in The Netherlands. Sprout (in Dutch) gives a nice overview.

Why Startups should be filing i-DEPOT's

Technical startups are very careful about the information they share with others, and with good reason. But it is not practical to keep everything secret. With i-DEPOT's you can control the flow of confidential information, both internally and externally.

Pete Pollard will be an IP mentor at HighTechXL Impact Summit (10 & 11 July 2017) in Eindhoven

HighTechXL Impact Summit

Ways to save money when protecting inventions

Startups: How to Save Money on Patents Startups: How to Save Money on Patents

At the Annual Meeting in Barcelona, an INTA panel explored how technical startups can save money on patents. They were: Pete Pollard ( Fireball Patents , NL), Marieke Westgeest ( Markenizer, NL), Hui Wang ( Chofn Intellectual Property , China) and Eric D. Morehouse ( Kenealy Vaidya , US).

Does the tax exemption for Dutch startups actually benefit startups?