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Let Us Guide You:

You tell us about your innovations & business, we teach you enough about IP to make informed decisions.

We will evaluate your current protection, and find ways to improve it.

We welcome the intricate & complex, and never shy away from advising not to pursue a case if a better alternative exists.

Based in Eindhoven, we are at the center of Brainport, known worldwide for its high-tech, innovation and Startups.

We specialise in:

Cost-effective NL, US and EU Patent & Design protection

Tailor-made Patent & Design services and advice for Startups & SME's

Quicker grant for NL, US and EU Patent Applications

IP & Patent awareness training for those wanting to learn more.

We are EU-based, but work remotely for clients all over the world. We handle


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PayPal /

Mobile payments in



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We are driven to find the most appropriate way to protect your brilliant inventions to make your business successful, from a complete drafting & filing service to just reviewing an Application or letter written elsewhere.

Patent applications traditionally take several years to be granted by the patent offices - until then your protection is limited, your patent cannot be asserted and it is difficult to find a buyer or licencee. We can help.

We enlighten managers, researchers, co-oordinators & inventors about the world of IP and how their actions can influence the quantity and quality of patent rights.