NL Crypto Stamp #2 (Lion)

Magnetic survival torch
  • Issued on 10 Oct 2023

  • Only 75 000 produced
  • Value is "R" for domestic registered mail
  • 2nd Crypto Stamp issued by PostNL
  • Jointly issued with Crypto Stamp 5.0 from Österreichische Post (AT) 
  • Purchased either physically or onchain
  • Digital NFT twin on Polygon (Matic) blockchain
  • Can be bought and sold on OpenSea
Prepare for use (if needed)

Check authenticity using NFC 

  • Check the authenticity by holding the unopened packaging up to any smartphone with NFC capability.
  • This can be done without opening the packaging.
  • The website will show that the stamp is sleeping because it has not yet been activated.
  • Also view the Augmented Reality image.
To use

To activate

  • To activate the crypto stamp, open the packaging.
  • Then, either scan the QR code on the front of the stamp with your smartphone, or go to and click the QR symbol at the top of the screen to scan the code with your webcam.
  • Once activated, you can see the digital color of the NFT, which is stored in the blockchain.
  • Five different colors are available in different quantities: Red = 750, Yellow = 5025, Blue = 9975, Green = 20025 and Black = 39225. So Red is the rarest. 
  • Once activated, the stamp is no longer sleeping. So, also view the updated Augmented Reality image.
  • The number of authenticity checks is also recorded and displayed.
To use

To claim ownership

  • To claim ownership of the stamp NFT, you must transfer it to a crypto web wallet that supports Polygon (MATIC).
  • If you not yet have your own crypto web wallet, MetaMask is available as a browser extension at 
  • Warning: if you lose access to your wallet by losing the keys (Secret Recovery Phrase), you will not be able to transfer the NFT to another wallet.
  • Go to and connect your web wallet 
  • Carefully remove the protective film on the back of the stamp.
  • Use your smartphone to scan the secret QR code, or click the QR symbol at the top of the screen to scan the
    secret QR code with your webcam. Or enter the secret code manually.
  • Make sure your wallet is connected to the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain.
  • Go to ‘transfer stamp into your wallet’ and click ‘claim crypto stamp'.
  • Wait for the transaction to be confirmed. 
  • Congratulations, your NL crypto stamp is now in your crypto wallet!